successive success @ God

Man, discovering God’s grace in everything around, unconditionally looks forward to receiving His blessings…and to achieve marvels. In that process, s/he misses maintaining further balance with each successive success. The balance between God’s grace and achievement weighs higher in favour of achievement imperative

state of quality

The strength of stability and permanence is when the quality state gets on or descending from the subconscious mind. That signifies the richness or level of most dominance. In our workman this is the stage where Quality should be finally ingrained. Only then the quality state will finally be established. [Ref Balle -O-Balle Quality]

Perfection Balle -o- balle

Perfection is the highest form of Quality, Such a level is possibly unachievable. Excellence is what excellence does, or pursues. Perfection is the last step which may not undergo further improvement. If Madhuri Dikshit said ‘perfect ten’, it was never 9.99 quality, and meant that could not have been better. [Ref Balle -O-Balle Quality]