Knowledge Facts
Indian Scientists
1. Who is known as the father of Indian Green Revolution ?
Answer: M. S. Swaminathan
2. Which Indian is known as the father of plastic Surgery ?
Answer: Sushruta
3. Who is the father of Ayurveda ?
answer: Charaka
4. Who is known as the father of Indian Space program ?
Answer: Dr Vikram Sarabhai
5. Who is known as the father of Indian Missile Program ?
Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
6. Who is known as father of Indian atomic bomb ?
answer: Raja Ramanna
7. Who invented Crescograph ?
Answer: Jagadish Chandra Bose
8. Who is known as the father of Yoga ?
answer: Patanjali
9. Which Indian Scientist is known as Thomas Alva Edison of India ?
Answer: G. D. Naid
10. Who is known as the father of white revolution ?
Answer: Verghese Kurien
Highlights of Food Security Bill 2013
1. The food security bill approved is directed towards giving the right to food to around 67 per cent of India’s 120-crore population (including 75% rural and 50% urban).
2. While families in the poorest of the poor will continue to get 35 kg of grains per month.
3. Rice will be made available at 3 Rupees per Kg.
4. Wheat will cost 2 rupees a kg and cereal will be sold for 1 Rupees per kg.
5. The Food Security programme will be the biggest in the world with the government spending estimated at Rs. 1,25,000 crore annually on supply of about 62 million tonnes of rice, wheat and coarse cereals to 67 per cent of the population.
6. About 2.43 crore poorest of the poor families covered under the Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) scheme under PDS (Public Distribution System) would continue to get 35 kg of food grains per family per month but with legal entitlement.
7. In Union Budget 2013-14, Rs 10,000 crore set aside for incremental cost for National Food Security Bill.
8. The scheme will be linked to the Aadhar scheme which provides every citizen with a unique identification number that’s linked to a database that includes the biometrics of all card-holders.
9. C Rangarajan is the head of the committee for examination of the Food Security Bill.
10. Chhattisgarh the first state to pass legislation on food security. The state legislative assembly passed the Food Security Bill 2012 that confers legal rights to the beneficiaries to receive food grains and food items at highly subsidized prices.
1. Rate of change of distance is called as ?
Answer: Speed
2. Rate of change of displacement is called as ?
Answer: Velocity
3. Negative acceleration is called as ?
Answer: Retardation (deceleration)
4. What is the acceleration of a body moving with constant velocity ?
Answer: Zero
5. Which is the weakest force in the universe ?
Answer: Gravitational Force
6. Which is the strongest force in the universe ?
Answer: Nuclear Force
7. What is the CGS unit of force ?
Answer: Dyne
8. Who discovered the law of inertia ?
Answer: Galileo Galilei
9. A body given with an initial velocity moved under the effect of gravity is called ?
Answer: Projectile
10. Rate of change of momentum is _____ ?
Answer: Force
11. A large force acting on a short time is called ?
Answer: Impulse
12. The ability of a liquid to rise by defying gravity is called ?
Answer: Capillarity
13. Which is the liquid that shows Capillary fall ?
Answer: Mercury
Memorials of Indian Leaders
1. Mahatma Gandhi—-Raj Ghat
2. Jawaharlal Nehru—-Shanti Van
3. Lal Bahadur Shastri—-Vijay Ghat
4. Indira Gandhi—-Shakti Sthal
5. Charan Singh—-Kisan Ghat
6. Rajiv Gandhi—-Veer Bhumi
7. Jagjivan Ram—-Samta Sthal
8. Giani Zail Singh—-Ekta Sthal
9. P.V. Narsimha Rao—-P.V. Gyan Bhoomi
10. Gulzarilal Nanda—-Narayan Ghat
11. Morarjee Desai—-Abhay Ghat
12. B.R. Ambedkar—-Chaitya Bhoomi
13. Shankar Dayal Sharma—-Karma Bhoomi
TOP 10 Current GK Updates November 2013
1 .”Hayiaan “Typhooon claimed 12,000 dead in Philippines
2. National Education Day on 12th Nov
3. India and Kuwait the country that is oil-rich strengthen their engagement in the following sector :
* Energy security
* Petrochemicals
* Infrastructure development
* Information technology
4. CHOGM Summit held in Colombo date : 15th November 2013.
5. The 150th birth anniversary of Assamese literature pioneer Lakshminath Bezbaruah Delhi celebrate this on December 2013.
6. The ’44th’ International Film Festival of India : IFFI , First time highlight cinema from the northeastern states in 2013. Festival held in GOA this Nov.
7. Pakistan Legendary singer Reshma passes away
8. The Supreme Court clear it that there is no reservation in appointment for faculty posts in speciality and super speciality courses in medical colleges.
9. WHO statement for TB: Tuberculosis (TB) killed 1.3 million people worldwide in 2012, while India , accounted for 26 % of total TB cases globally.
10. India ranked 6th for 103 billionaires in the world, who said INDIA is POOR.
Indian Railway
1. Where is Railway Staff College situated ?
Answer: Baroda
2. What is the width of Broad gauge rail ?
Answer: 1.676
3. Which is the First Electric Train in India ?
Answer: Deccan Queen (Kalyan – Pune)
4. When did Life Line Express (Jeevan Rekha) Started ?
Answer: In 1991
5. Which year is declared as “Year of Rail Users” by the Indian Railways ?
Answer: 1995
6. Which is the Longest Railway Tunnel ?
Answer: Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel (Banihal railway tunnel)
7. Which is the Longest Railway platform in the World ?
Answer: Gorakhpur station platform (UP)
8. Which is the train running between India and Bangladesh ?
Answer: Maitree Express
9. Which are the states have no Railway ?
Answer: Meghalaya and Sikkim (building new railway lines)
10. Which is the Worlds oldest working steam locomotive engine (train) ?
Answer: Fairy Queen runs in India
11. What is the width of Narrow gauge rail ?
Answer: 0.762
12. Where is the Headquarters of Konkan railway ?
Answer: Bilapur
13. Which is the fastest train in India ?
Answer: Shatabdi Express
14. In which year Indian Railway board established ?
Answer: 1905
15. Which is the first Railway station in India ?
Answer: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (Victoria terminal)
16. Who is the first Indian to present Railway Budget ?
Answer: John Mathai
17. Who is the first railway minister in India ?
Answer: John Matthai
18. Who is the first lady Railway minister of India ?
Answer: Mamta Benergy
19. Which is the highest railway station in India ?
Answer: Ghum railway station
20. Which is the longest Railway bridge in India ?
Answer: Vallarpadam Bridge (kerala)
21. What is the slogan of Indian Railway ?
Answer: lifeline of the nation
22. Where is the Museum of Indian Railway situated?
Answer: Chanakyapuri (New Delhi)
Know about Indian Defence:
The President of India is the supreme commander of the Indian defence system.
The whole administrative control of the Armed forces lies in the Ministry of Defence.
The Defence Minister (Raksha Mantri) is responsible to Parliament for all matters concerning defence of the country.Indian defence system has been divided into three services-
1. Army
2. Navy
3. Air ForceThe Indian Army:
The Indian Army is the world’s second largest army in terms of military personnel.Army has its headquarters in New Delhi. It is head by Chief of the Army Staff (General) and assisted by the Vice-Chief of the Army Staff and seven other Principal Staff Officers, namely, two Deputy Chief of Army Staff, Ajutant General, Quarter Master General, Master General of Ordinance, Military Secretary and Engineer-in-Chief.
The Indian Army is organised into seven commands:-S.No. Command Headquarter
1 Western command Chandigarh
2 Eastern command Kolkata
3 Northern command 56 APO
4 Southern command Pune
5 Central command Lucknow
6 Army Training Command Shimla
7 South Western Command JaipurThe Indian Air Force:
The Indian Air Force was officially established on 8 October 1932. The first five pilots commissioned into the Indian Air Force were H C Sircar, Subroto Mukerjee, Bhupendra Singh, A B Awan and Amarjeet Singh. The Indian Air Force is headed by Chief of Air Staff (Air chief Marshal) with its headquarters at New Delhi. He is assisted by six Principal Staff Officers, Vice Chief of Air Staff, Deputy Chief of Air Staff, Air Officer Incharge Administration, Air Officer Incharge Maintenance, Air Officer Incharge Personnel and Training and Inspector General Flight Safety and Inspection.

Indian Air Force is organised into seven commands:-
S.No. Command Headquarter
1 Western command New Delhi
2 Central command Allahabad
3 Eastern command Shillong
4 South western command Jodhpur
5 Training command Bangaluru
6 Maintenance command Nagpur
7 Southern command Thiruvananthapuram

The Indian Navy:
On 22 April 1958 V Adm RD Katari assumed office as the first Indian Chief of the Naval Staff. Indian Navy is headed by Chief of Navel Staff (Admiral) with headquarters at New Delhi. He is assisted by Vice Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of Personnel, Chief of Material and Deputy Chief of Naval Staff.

The Indian Navy is organised into following commands:-
S.No. Command Headquarter
1 Eastern command Vishakhapatnam
2 Southern command Kochi
3 Western command Mumbai

Top Ten Longest Rivers of the World
2. Amazon—South America—3,9123miles
3. Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rock—United States—3,7104
4. Chang Jiang (Yangtze)–China–3,6025miles
5. Ob–Russia—3,4596miles
6.Huang Ho (Yellow)–China—2,9007miles
7. Yenisei–Russia–2,8008 miles
8.Parana–South America–2,7959 miles
9. Irtish–Russia—2,75810 miles
10. Zaire (Congo)–Congo–2716miles
United Nation Organization (UNO)
1.Where is the headquarters of UNO?
Ans : New York, USA
2. On which date UN charter was signed?
Ans : 26th June,1945
3. United Nations came into existence from which date?
Ans : 24th October,1946
4. How many countries are member to United Nations?
Ans :193 countries
5. What are the aims of United Nations?
Ans : International Security, World Peace, Economic Development, Cooperation in International Law, Human Rights, Social Progress
6. What was replaced by United Nations Organization?
Ans : League of Nations
7. How many languages has been named official by United Nations?
Ans : Six languages (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian)
8. How many Principal Organs does United Nations has?
Ans : Six
a) The General Assembly
b) The Security Council
c) The Economic and Social COuncil
d) The Secretariat
e) The International Court of Justice
f) The United Nations Trusteeship Council
9. Which is the top post in United Nations?
Ans : Secretary General
10. Where did the first General Assembly meeting held?
Ans : Westminster Central Hall,London
11. Who gave the name as United Nations for the this organization?
Ans : Franklin D Roosevelt
12. Who is the current UN Secretary General?
Ban ki-moon
13.Who is the current Deputy Secretary General?
Ans : Jan Eliasson
14. Who is the current General Assembly President?
Ans : Mr. Vuk Jeremić
15. Vietnam joined the U.N.O in the year
Ans : 1977
16. Which of the following is not associated with the UNO?
ASEAN -Association of Southeast Asian Nations..
Top 10 Silver-Producing Countries and their Production
1. Mexico: 162.2 million ounces
2. China: 117 million ounces
3. Peru: 111.3 million ounces
4. Australia: 56.9 million ounces
5. Russia: 45 million ounces
6. Poland: 41.2 million ounces
7. Bolivia: 39.7 million ounces
8. Chile: 37 million ounces
9. United States: 32.6 million ounces
10. Argentina: 24.1 million ounces
July 2013
• The Person who succeeded Ranjan Mathai to be the next Foreign Secretary of India by Manmohan Singh- Sujata Singh
• The vice chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University who on 1 July 2013 appointed as the 20th Lt Governor of Delhi- Najeeb Jung
• The Person who on 2 July 2013 has been appointed as Director General of Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)- Sunil Soni
• The first ever Indian woman to receive Dubai Government’s coveted Emirates Woman Award for business excellence in June 2013- Vandana Gandhi
• The U.S. inventor who was known as the father of the computer mouse who died on 3 July 2013 at age of 88- Douglas Engelbart
• The Egyptian Leader who sworn in as interim president of Egypt till the next elections takes place succeeding Mohamed Morsi, who was removed after a military coup- Adli Mansour
• Renowned Madhubani painting artist who died at a private hospital in Ranti, near Madhubani on 4 July 2013- Mahasundari Devi
• The former Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), who was appointed as the President of NASSCOM on 5 July 2013- R. Chandrasekhar
• The Bollywood actress who on 6 July 2013 got the Best Actress award at 14th IIFA (International Indian Film Academy) awards 2013 held in Macau- Vidya Balan
• Leading liberal opposition leader who on 6 July 2013 was named as Egypt’s new Prime Minister- Mohamed ElBaradei
• Senior parliamentarian who on 4 July 2013 was appointed as the new governor of Sikkim- Shriniwas Dadasaheb Patil
• Former Delhi police Chief, who on 8 July 2013 took over as the new Governor of Meghalaya- KK Paul
• An acknowledged food scientist and the former Director of the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) who died on 9 July 2013- Dr. H.A.B. Parpia
• The Person who on 8 July 2013 took over as the new Lieutenant Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands- Lt Gen (Retd) AK Singh
• The Theme of world Population day observed across the World on 11 July 2013- Focus is on Adolescent Pregnancy
• Indian Parsi conductor of western classical music who was selected to be honoured with Tagore Award 2013- Zubin Mehta..
Top 10 Indian Companies By Market Value- July 2013
1. Reliance Industries— India Oil and Gas Operations— 69.36…
2. Oil and Natural Gas Corporation—India Oil and Gas Operations ———-51.82…..
3. National Mineral Development Corporation—India Materials ———37.12…..
4. National Thermal Power Corporation—India Utilities—–36.30….
5. Tata Consultancy Services–India Software and Services— 32.31….
6. Infosys Technologies—-India Software and Services—- 32.20…
7. State Bank of India—-India Banking—- 27.21……
8. Bharat Heavy Electricals—India Capital Goods—- 25.24…..
9. Bharti Airtel—-India Telecommunications Services—– 23.00…
10. Wipro —–India Software and Services ——– 21.53
Books And Authors
1 Valley of Dolls—- Jacqueline Susanne
2 Vanity Fair—- Thackeray
3 Vendor of Sweets—- R.K.Narayan
4 Very Old Bones—-William Kennedy
5 Victim— Saul Bellow
6 Victory—- Pico Lyer
7 View from Delhi—- Chester Bowles
8 View from the UN—- U Thant
9 Vikram and the Vampire—– Sir Richard Burton
10 Village by the Sea—- Anita Desai
11 Village—– Mulk Raj Anand
12 Vinay Patrika—- Tulsidas
13 Virangana—- Maithili Sharan Gupta
14 Virginians—— William Thackeray
15 Vish Vriksha—– Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
Current Affairs
Scientists discovered a New Planet called Kepler 78b…..
Gurdeep Singh Pall Appointed as the Corporate VP of Skype….
India developed Surface-to-Surface Missile Pragati…
Integrated Processing Development Scheme (IPDS) approved by CCEA…
Srishti Rana of India Was Crowned Miss Asia Pacific World 2013…
Pankaj Razdan Appointed as the CEO and MD of the Birla Sun Life Insurance….
India and Cuba signed MoU for cooperation in broadcasting between Prasar Bharati and ICRT…
Bhubaneswar and Imphal airports were Declared as International Airports…
Subhas Goswami Appointed as the Director General of ITBP..
Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor honoured in the House of Commons….
Ashok Amritraj won Soul of India Award….
Prime Minister of India inaugurated Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Museum in Ahmedabad…
Geeta Chandran, Bharatnatyam exponent honoured with Guru Debaprasad Award….
Government of India Decided to Appoint Arup Raha as Chief of the Indian Air Force…
India and Peru Signed MoUs to Strengthen Bilateral Cooperation…
P.S. Raghavan appointed as the next Russian Ambassador…
Basic’s Q&A
1. The representative of the crown came to be called as ‘viceroy’ instead of ‘governor general’ from the period …..?
ANSWER :- 1858
2. The ‘Vernacular Press Act’ was passed in India during the period of _____
ANSWER :- Lord Lytton
3. Lord Curzon became the viceroy of India after ____
ANSWER :- Loed Elgin -II
4. The non-cooperation movement was accepted by the congress party in its ____ session.
ANSWER :- Nagpur
5. The river known as ‘Sorrow of Bihar’ is ___
ANSWER :- Kosi
6. The man named as ‘Father of Indian archaeology’ is ___
ANSWER :- Alexander Cunningham
7. The mountain ranges in the eastern part of India forming its boundary with Myanmar are collectively called as?
ANSWER :- Purvachal
8. Which one of the following lakes is a salt water lake?
ANSWER :- Sambhar
9. The first population census was taken in India in the year?
ANSWER :- 1872
10. The country which has higher average population density than India is ____?
ANSWER :- Bangladesh
11. In which district of Kerala, Edakkal is situated?
ANSWER :- Wayanad
12. The rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions in guaranteed in the ?
ANSWER :- Article 30
13. The statement “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of liberty” means:
ANSWER :- People should be conscious of their rights
14. The assets of a dead man without heir or will undertaken by the state is called ?
ANSWER :- Escheats
15. The Principle of Rule of Law implies?
ANSWER :- All should be treated as equals
Palaces’, Buildings’ Locations
Amber Palace–Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Hawa Mahal—Jaipur
Sheesh Mahal—Patiala, Punjab
Maharaja Palace or Mysore Palace—Mysore
Falaknuma Palace—Hyderabad
Island Palace—Udaipur
Lakshmi Vilas Palace—Baroda
Lalgarh Palace— Bikaner
Jahaz Mahal—Mandu, M.P.(City of Joy)
Anand Bhawan—Allahabad
Rashtrapati Bhawan—New Delhi
Victoria Memorial—Kolkata
Chowmahalla Palace—Hyderabad
Neermahal Palace—West Tripura
Banks & Slogans
Allahabad bank – a tradition of trust
Andhra bank – for all your needs (new slogan)
Bank of baroda – indias international bank
Bank of india – relationships beyond banking
Bank of maharastra – one family one bank (celebrating platinum jubilee year)
Canara bank – Global Bank with Best Practices
Corporation bank- Sarve Janah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Central bank of india- Established in 1911, the first Indian commercial bank which was wholly owned and managed by Indians.swadeshi bank)
Dena bank- trusted family bank
ICICI (Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation Of India)bank-hum hai naa(we are there to help u)
Induslnd bank – one bank, many solutions
IDBI (Industrial development bank of India) bank – not just for the big boys.
Indian bank- taking banking technology to the common man.
Indian overseas bank-GOOD PEOPLE TO GROW WITH
Reserve bank of india – Indias central bank
Kotak Mahindra bank- think investment, think kotak.
PNB (Punjab National Bank)- the name u can bank upon.
OBC(Oriental Bank of Commerce)-Sadiyon ke liyen
HDFC bank –H.D.F.C. is Housing Development Finance Corporation-HDFC is an organisation that strives for excellence, with the twin objectives of enhancing customer satisfaction and shareholder value
UCO (Cith Union Bank) bank- honors your trust
SBI – the nation banks on us.
Standard charted bank- you believe, we achieve.
Axis bank – (formerly known as UTI bank)
Union bank of india-Good People to Bank with
United bank of india-The Bank that begins with”U”
Vijaya bank – a friend you can bank upon
Sybdicate Bank-Faithful, Friendly

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